Expulsion System 01 (Sleeve)
Expulsion System 02 (Sleeve)
Vacuum System 01 (Sleeve)
Vacuum System 02 (Sleeve)
Vacuum Seal Plate (Sleeve)
Expulsion Button Rel 01 (Int Seal)
Expulsion Button Rel 02 (Int Seal)
Expulsion Button Rel 03 (Int Seal)
Seal Plate Button Rel (Int Seal)

Our socket systems aim to give the clinician the most versatility to mix and match a wide variety of resources in today's market. Innovated, tested, and proven in our own central fabrication facility, Evolution's premium quality components and supplies provide a more efficient, effective fabrication system with less room for error. They make for a solidly reliable solution that will let you evolve and develop the best system for your patient's lifestyle.


Component Configuration Videos:

For a better idea of each component configuration such as their general use, which kits can accommodate, assembly instructions, and a demo of the finished product with compatible products, see our component configurations playlist on YouTube.


Here you will find Sleeve Systems and Push Button Systems compatible with the Aura and other internal seals. If you have any questions or feedback please call us at 407-839-6213 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .