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Origin Liners are created from a leading edge medical grade silicone formula, that is naturally compatible with human tissue, resistant to fluids and bacteria, allowing the liner to remain fresh and odor free after each use. Origin liners never reduce in strength or thickness and are intended for patients of all lifestyles and activity levels.

The advanced silicone formula designed specifically for the orthopedic industry combined with our silking technology* makes Origin Liners the best choice on the market today for vacuum and expulsion systems.

Product Specifications

Intended Use

Evolution's Origin liners are intended for patients of all activity levels and lifestyles. Also excellent for sensitive limbs, our unique silicone formula specifically developed for the Orthopedic industry is innately compatible with human-tissue and resistant to fluids and bacteria; keeping the liner fresh and odor free. For more uniquely shaped limbs custom liners are available.


  • Advanced medical grade silicone formula
  • Uses Evolution's silking technology
  • Silky surface allows liner to slide on itself
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Compatible with vacuum and expulsion socket systems
  • Easy to care for and keep clean
  • No coatings that can crack, peel, or wear off
  • No covers that tear or run







Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

If you have any questions about sizing your patient please call 407.839.6213 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you do not see any sizes that can meet your needs--please see our Custom Origin liners.

Ordering Information & Related Documents

Ordering Information

Please refer to our Origin Off the Shelf sizing chart when ordering. If you have any questions please call 407.839.6213 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Turnaround Times (In House):

  • 1 Business Day* for in stock Off the Shelf liners
  • 3 Business Days for out of stock Off the Shelf liners or Long liners

*All Off the Shelf items must be ordered before 3pm to be shipped the same day.

Ordering a Casting Set:

Evolution Industries' Origin Off the Shelf Casting Set is available for order to better size, fit, and cast for your patients. They come in "Origin" (yellow), "Origin X" (blue), and "Origin XV" (green), and have both pin and matrix options in sizes 1-7. We offer full and partial sets. Please call us for more information.

Related Documents

Clinical Information:

Origin Off the Shelf Order Form (b/w)
Origin Off the Shelf Specification Sheet (color)
Liner Instructions for Use (b/w)

Patient Information:

Liner Patient Information (b/w)

Origin Displays

November 2012 O&P Edge | Origin Off the Shelf & Aura & Echo
October 2012 O&P Edge | Origin Off the Shelf & Aura & Echo
April 2012 O&P Edge | Origin Off the Shelf & Custom Origin
March 2012 O&P Edge | Origin Off the Shelf & Custom Origin
June 2011 O&P Edge | Origin & Aura: A perfect combination for maximum suspension
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Origin Liners Frequently Asked Questions

What type of material do you use Evolution liners?

Medical Grade Silicone.

How long does it take to make a liner?

5 days in house production time + shipping for a new mold. Difficult shapes, liners requiring 2 or 3 part molds, or symes liners may require an additional few days in house production time. 3 days in house production time plus shipping for an additional liner.

Can we order a new and additional liner at the same time?

We recommend that the new and additional liners be ordered at separate times. New liners should be fit on the patient to ensure proper fit before the 2nd liner is ordered.

Does your liner have a cover?


Can a liner be patched?

No, once the liner has been torn, it should be replaced. You cannot mend our silicone.

What type of files can you make a liner from?

AOP Files

Can I have a liner made of another color?

Other colors are available upon request for custom liners. There is a $6 charge for a custom color.

My liner stretched out?

Silicone has “memory”, and will retain its’ shape. Our liners do not lose their shape.

I have a rash from wearing your liner. Am I allergic to it?

Our silicone is a medical grade, closed cell, biologically inert material. Our additives are FDA food grade approved. It is very rare that someone is allergic to these items. Many times the problem turns out to be skin traction, a reaction to the lube being used on the limb, a reaction to the soap being used to clean the liner, or soap residue on the liner.

Why is the silk “wearing off” the outside of the liner?

This is generally due to a high pressure spot on the socket abraiding the outside of the liner. It is also recommended to wear a sheath between the liner and the socket, so that the socket does not abraid the liner. Products containing mineral oil can also have this effect on the liner, and should not be used.

How do I return a liner?

Please call the office to get an RA number. No returns will be accepted without an RA number. In order to receive credit, liners must be returned within 30 days of the issue of the RA number.

What is your warranty policy?

All liners carry a 6 month manufacturer’s defect warranty.

My liner ripped after folding it over the edge of the socket. Can I return it?

This action is prohibited per the guidelines in our patient instructions. It is not covered by our warranty.

I tried a liner on a patient but it didn’t fit. Can I return it?

We cannot accept returns on liners that have come in contact with the patients skin. Please use a sock between the patient’s limb and the liner if you are unsure of the fit. Casting sets can also be purchased for fitting.

Can I retrofit a liner to an existing socket?

We cannot guarantee the fit of a liner in an existing socket. We can attempt to make the liner to the best of our ability, however we do not warranty the fit.

Can I change the standard thicknesses of a customer liner?

Yes, liners can be made to your specifications. However changes that would make the liner thinner than our standard thicknesses are not recommended, and will not be covered under warranty should the liner become damaged.

Can you make a liner from another company’s liner?

We can attempt to duplicate an existing liner, however we cannot guarantee the fit of the liner with an existing socket, and the liner will not be covered by our warranty.

Can you make a liner from measurements only?

Most AK liners can be made from measurements only. For all other liners, a cast or an AOP file should be sent, accompanied by measurements and any special instructions.

How do you size for off the shelf liners?

We use the measurement 2” from distal for our Origin liners.